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Echinacea ‘Double Scoop Orangeberry’ and Yucca filamentosa. | zones 4a – 8b | Full Sun – Light Shade | #echinacea #coneflower #perennial #yucca

How To Take Care Of Your Cuckoo Clock

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A cuckoo clock is a humorous and charming addition to any home. In addition to notifying you of the time with its classic “cuckoo,” these conversations pieces are historically made in the beautiful Black Forest region of Germany, so they make excellent souvenirs for travelers heading to this area on their next European adventure. Whether you bring a new cuckoo clock into your home or proudly display an heirloom clock, be sure to take proper care of your clock so that it will keep prompt time and last for future generations of enjoyment.

Move Warily: The best way to take care of any cuckoo clock is to keep the clock firmly secured in an upright position to a wall. Take great care in moving the clock over any distance and be sure to keep the clock upright at all times. Often, moving a cuckoo clock requires an extra set of hands, since the weights and other pieces that dangle beneath the clock are extremely delicate and should be moved with the utmost care. When moving a cuckoo clock across greater distances than another room, consider consulting a clock expert to ensure the clock will remain in working order upon arrival of your new destination. Also, remove all movable pieces from the clock to prevent items from becoming damaged or the dangling weights from damaging the clock itself.

Hang Judiciously: When it comes time to display your clock, consider the specific space before hanging the clock. Depending on the size of your clock will directly affect the minimum height that the clock can be hung, since the weights will need plenty of space to swing without resting on a table, cabinet, floor, or any other barrier. Also, avoid hanging your cuckoo clock near high traffic areas where it can potentially be knocked off its perch or next to main doors that can jar the workings of the clock if the door slams. Furthermore, some clocks have been damaged by pets who find the raising and lowering chains and weights interesting, so consider placing the clocks well out of their reach.

Clean Carefully: If you are tempted to clean your cuckoo clock, do so with great care due to the many delicate pieces that make up the workings of the clock. Unless you are well schooled in clock making and repairing, avoid disturbing the workings of the clock unless you are prepared to take the risk that the clock may be damaged. That being said, antique clocks should be cleaned by a reputable clockmaker in order to prevent any potential problems later on down the road. Also, a clockmaker will be able to make any necessary repairs to make sure the clock will work years from now.

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